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What to do before starting to look for moving companies in Chicago

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find moving companies in Chicago

The decision to move from one house or apartment to another is a big one. Sometimes you have more time to plan and sometimes you have less time on your hands, but it’s important to get everything that you can sorted on your own before you start looking for moving companies in Chicago, and before you start asking for any moving quotes at all, in order to ensure that the moving process will be a quick and efficient one. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do and what you should do before you start looking for moving companies in Chicago, and before you start asking for any moving quotes, in order to have a clean and easy moving process.

 The decision to move from one house or apartment to another is a big one. Sometimes you have more time to plan and sometimes you have less time on your hands, but it’s important to get everything that you can sorted on your own before you start looking for moving companies in Chicago, and before you start asking for any moving quotes at all, in order to ensure that the moving process will be a quick and efficient one. Keep reading to find out more about what you can do and what you should do before you start looking for moving companies in Chicago, and before you start asking for any moving quotes, in order to have a clean and easy moving process.

First of all, you need to think about whether you need professional help in order to move or not. Moving is a big hassle, no matter how many or how few things you have, but if you only have a room’s worth of things, and no bulky or sensitive items, you might be better off moving on your own. Be very careful, though, and don’t let the desire to save money trick you into thinking you can handle more than you actually can. You can seriously hurt yourself if you’re not careful, so if you can’t get all the help you need, always call the professional, King David Moving & Storage, get a few different moving quotes, and take the all-round safer and faster route to moving house.

Next, you need to make sure that you’ve put aside enough time for the move itself. When you’re moving house the last thing you want is to feel rushed, because this is when things get misplaced, lost or broken. You need to carefully evaluate all your belongings in order to know how much time it will take to pack them all. Some moving companies in Chicago offer the service of packing your belongings for you, and it’s up to you if you want to get this service or not. Some people might find it very convenient to have the moving company employees pack all their things, while others might prefer to handle their belongings themselves, due to privacy concerns. When getting moving quotes from different moving companies, make sure to get different moving quotes—one that includes the packing service and one that doesn’t, so you can make an objective decision, with the price tag in mind.


Remember that there are still some things that can’t be moved using a professional moving company. Some items can be considered hazardous, like paint, aerosol cans, ammunition, flammables, solvents and cleaning supplies. Some items are perishable, like plants, refrigerated food, produce and frozen foods. Some items still can’t be moved because they’re considered to

All you need for local moving company near me

All you need for local moving company near me

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Generally, people move to a new place for different reasons and whatever the moving type it may be, it would be better to hire a local mover for moving locally. Moving comprises of different stages and we cannot move as we like, it comprises of packing, listing, ordering and more. The Local Moving Company near Me in Chicago will provide the complete moving solution for all your moving needs. So when you move locally within a state, you can get the help from the moving companies who act as best local movers. These local movers deliver your belongings in an hour or days depend upon the distance of your move.

The facilities you get from the Local Moving Company are, you can get a free online estimate and all your belongings will be perfectly insured, licensed and bonded. Packing your things may be tiresome job and you can expect packing services from those Chicago movers. They pack your belonging in a perfect way with accurate packing tapes and seals. So when you move order for the order boxes that might appropriately carry all your belongings in a perfect box. You can also order for the order boxes when you move locally and you can avoid the breakage of your valuable things when moving by ordering order boxes.

King David Moving & Storage, will be padded All your furniture’s and you can move antiques, fine arts and even pianos while moving. The moving companies will also act as piano movers and provide seven days’ service with experience and courteous staff

3 ways to take care of your movers

How to take care of your movers? Find some quick tips here!


Shifting your place? Tips to take care of movers!

Well, who can deny that movers can be of great help while loading and unloading stuff when you shift home or office? Believe the fact that their task is not easy. It’s not just the physical aspect of shifting huge things but the mental alertness of managing everything without causing any damage to the goods. It demands a certain sort of appreciation and there are few little things which you can do to care for them.


Tips to take care of the movers:

Keep them hydrated: As the job of movers demand a lot of physical activity, they tend to get easily tired and sweat out. If not only looks good if you offer them beverages like soft drinks, water or soda but, also helps them deal with the work with ease. However, it is never a good idea to offer them alcoholic drinks.

Don’t hinder their job: Even if you are the most caring person on the planet and want to help your movers but, after a certain extent you should not support them. Your help may become a hindrance in their quick to finish yet extremely careful job. Do not worry as they will take full care of your things as they are trained for that.

Tip is important: You should offer them tip as it is a nice way to thank them. Keep some cash ready and you can either give to each mover or can hand it over to the foreman in the presence of his colleagues.

There are always a couple of things that movers would want their clients to know. Little yet important things that can help them finish their job quickly are as follows:

Pack things on time: Well, it’s important to be ready with your side of packing when the movers arrive. We should value their time as they love it when things are already set so that they can start their job quickly. Otherwise, it will reduce their efficiency and that is not good for you.

Labelling things is important: To keep things more organised and easy for the movers, you should label everything clearly. This helps them to load and unload the stuff in the truck. You just need to explain them the labelling system when they arrive.

Parking area should be ready: The one thing they would not appreciate is when they have no parking space. As they need to do a lot of work with the truck so, they should get a good place for parking. On your part, you should keep a parking space ready and that too in a manner that makes their loading and unloading task easy.

Furniture should be empty: It would be very difficult to carry tables and wardrobes with full drawers. There are chances of things getting scattered while moving your stuff. So, empty your furniture before the arrival of the movers.

Facilitate them: You should be around while they are keeping your stuff in the truck. If they have any doubts or questions then your presence will be helpful. So, be there while your movers arrive until they finish their job.

This way, a moving day can be made easy going by the above mentioned tips. Hope you find them useful. All the Best!

How to label your moving boxes like a pro

Want to learn the labeling of moving boxes like a Pro? Here’s how!

Moving stuff from your place can be a chaotic task. Things may get disorganized leading to confusion and frustration. To avoid this, you can use an easy labeling system. This will make things easy going without causing too much stress.
A smart labeling system would not only help in packing things but would also make unpacking everything a quick and easy task. It is of great help if you start labeling along with packing. Do it while you are still packing so that you do not forget to label any box.


Tips to easily label your moving boxes:

Get the tools and mind ready: An alert mind is important along with the different markers and highlighters. You need markers of different colors so as to manage things easily and even use color code for things belonging to a particular room. This helps movers to easily unload things and keep the boxes in their specific rooms.

Get good quality markers: It may cost a little bit higher but you must get at least five different colors of markers. And that too of good quality! Permanent waterproof markers would be the best solution.

Colored tape would add to the ease: Apart from colorful markers, you should also get colored tapes that match the markers. It is fine if you want to use colorless tape for most of the boxes but a single roll of each color would facilitate the labeling process in a big way. Use the tape and mark the name and area where the boxes should reach.

Color code: Now that you have colored tape and markers ready, just set a color code for each room. Like you can use blue for bathroom, green for the kitchen, yellow for the living area, pink for the baby girl’s room and so on. Use your creativity and remember the color for each room.

Once this is done, use the particular marker to label stuff of the rooms. Like green labels would be on every box belonging to the kitchen. Write the name of the room on each box and stick the list of items in the box in small print.

Now, use the colored tape on each box. Even a single strip on the side of the box will also do the job of identification easy. You can easily recognize the kitchen box from a lot of boxes and same holds true for the boxes belonging to different rooms.

Inform the movers about the labeling system: To facilitate the movers, just keep a sheet of printed paper ready with color names and their meanings. If they are not aware of your system then they cannot put the things at the right place. The sheet would help them load and unload things with a lot of ease.

With the labeling system, there is no chance of guesswork or misplacement of things. It will help you to spot an out of the place box and movers can easily shift it to the desired destination. In case, you are reusing old boxes then it is very important that you cross out previous labels and descriptions if any. This will reduce any chances of confusion.

That’s it! Now, you know how professionals use the labeling system and use it for packing and moving your space. Hope that this small yet important piece of information helps you in moving your place without any hassles. All the Best!!!

How to find the right moving Company services?


There are many factors that you need to remember when you select the right movers. The most essential factor to remember is that you ensure that your needs is taken care of when you are with the Chicago Movers that you hire for yourself. You need to ensure that not only choosing the right moving company but also one of the best Moving Companies in Chicago. Therefore, in order to do so, you should do enough research before you select a moving company of your needs as this will take care of most of the problems.
There are many ways that one can learn to look for a moving company. One of the easiest ways to do so is to do a quick internet search of the Chicago moving companies that are available. With Results, remember that with one search on the net you can locate many Moving Companies Chicago that offer these services and also most of these companies offer free quotes.
Ask the movers for your exact requests and this includes the size of the move and other details. You can take an inventory of all your possessions that are in the house and needs to be moved. If there are no further changes than what you mentioned during the agreement, then you don’t have to pay anything other than what is on the quote. However, you should read the terms and conditions of the movers carefully. Normally they will have all their terms brought to your notice before you enter into deal with them. Therefore it is significant that you read every clause when you are dealing with such terms and conditions.
Furthermore, if you have any special requests like moving a piano or moving your vehicle, then you should notify this with the movers. The reason is because not all moving companies specialize or act as Piano Movers professionally. Not merely that, but also you will find out that there are some moving companies that would have a policy to charge extra for this service. Therefore you should ensure that the movers you have chosen cover these services if you require them. Planning in advance will even make a complicated process like moving easy for you. Take your time and choose the best services that are available for you.


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