How to label your moving boxes like a pro

Want to learn the labeling of moving boxes like a Pro? Here’s how!

Moving stuff from your place can be a chaotic task. Things may get disorganized leading to confusion and frustration. To avoid this, you can use an easy labeling system. This will make things easy going without causing too much stress.
A smart labeling system would not only help in packing things but would also make unpacking everything a quick and easy task. It is of great help if you start labeling along with packing. Do it while you are still packing so that you do not forget to label any box.


Tips to easily label your moving boxes:

Get the tools and mind ready: An alert mind is important along with the different markers and highlighters. You need markers of different colors so as to manage things easily and even use color code for things belonging to a particular room. This helps movers to easily unload things and keep the boxes in their specific rooms.

Get good quality markers: It may cost a little bit higher but you must get at least five different colors of markers. And that too of good quality! Permanent waterproof markers would be the best solution.

Colored tape would add to the ease: Apart from colorful markers, you should also get colored tapes that match the markers. It is fine if you want to use colorless tape for most of the boxes but a single roll of each color would facilitate the labeling process in a big way. Use the tape and mark the name and area where the boxes should reach.

Color code: Now that you have colored tape and markers ready, just set a color code for each room. Like you can use blue for bathroom, green for the kitchen, yellow for the living area, pink for the baby girl’s room and so on. Use your creativity and remember the color for each room.

Once this is done, use the particular marker to label stuff of the rooms. Like green labels would be on every box belonging to the kitchen. Write the name of the room on each box and stick the list of items in the box in small print.

Now, use the colored tape on each box. Even a single strip on the side of the box will also do the job of identification easy. You can easily recognize the kitchen box from a lot of boxes and same holds true for the boxes belonging to different rooms.

Inform the movers about the labeling system: To facilitate the movers, just keep a sheet of printed paper ready with color names and their meanings. If they are not aware of your system then they cannot put the things at the right place. The sheet would help them load and unload things with a lot of ease.

With the labeling system, there is no chance of guesswork or misplacement of things. It will help you to spot an out of the place box and movers can easily shift it to the desired destination. In case, you are reusing old boxes then it is very important that you cross out previous labels and descriptions if any. This will reduce any chances of confusion.

That’s it! Now, you know how professionals use the labeling system and use it for packing and moving your space. Hope that this small yet important piece of information helps you in moving your place without any hassles. All the Best!!!

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